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How's it hanging! My name is Cayden and I'm an aspiring artist in the Pittsburgh area. Aside from pursuing tattooing, I'm an avid photographer, screen printer, and Magic the Gathering player.  Photography is always pushing me to new creative heights, demanding that I look at things from new perspectives and with an open mind.  Screen printing has taught me to take my time and enjoy the process of making art rather than just the finished product. How has Magic helped? Well within its 31 yr. history it's had some of the best artists working for them pumping out some of the best artwork I've ever seen.  It's inspired me to not only make art but make it the best I can.  Throughout my art career I've kept these things I've learned at the forefront of what I do.  I've just began my journey as a tattoo artist and I still have years of experience to gain, however I can confidently say I am prepared for it! I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that await me in the future, along with meeting new people and experiencing all the ideas they have to share.


As a tattoo apprentice I'm aware that my skills are still limited, which is why I approach every tattoo I do with honesty.  I will never tattoo anything I'm not 100% confident in.  I've been tattooing for several months now and I'm very familiar with what I can and can't do.  Though I like to stay within my comfort zone, I'm always down for a challenge to help me grow in my tattoo journey. I'm heavily influenced by the world of anime, as well as old and new cartoon characters.  I love the clean lines and solid color palettes these genres are well known for and feel they translate into tattoos perfectly.  Whether it's looking at your ideas from a new angle, or drawing something that fits them, with the skills I've learned so far, I will do them to the best of my abilities.  I'm looking forward to seeing in my chair!


Outside of learning how to tattoo I lovebeing behind the camera and in the printmaking studio.

Here are a handful of the tons of pre drawn ideas I would love the chance to tattoo.


If you want to check out more of Cayden's work, check out his Instagram page

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