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What are the shop's hours?

Blood Eagle Tattoo opens at 11AM Wednesdays-Saturdays.  As for when we close, at the earliest we are out by 8PM, but if we are in the middle of a tattoo then we will stay open until It's finished. 


Do you take Walk Ins? 

Our artist Amber takes walk ins every Wednesday from noon to 6PM. Our apprentice Cayden is available for walk ins from 11AM to 4PM most days during the week for smaller simpler tattoos.  While we typically work by appointment the rest of the time, we will take walk ins if time allows.  We always recommend calling ahead though to make sure there is time for ya.

Does your shop have designs I can pick from already or do I have to bring in my own?

Blood Eagle Tattoo is a fully custom shop.  Every tattoo we make here is designed specifically for that client.  We suggest to all clients, both new and old, to call and set up a consultation time.  During the consultation we ask the client to bring in their ideas and any reference photos they have gathered for their tattoo. We will NOT tattoo anyone else’s tattoo on you, so if you saw someone else’s tattoo on Pinterest or Instagram and ask us for the exact same thing we will most definitely tell you NO.  However, we will take the time and sit down with you and figure out what elements of it draw you in and catch your eye.  From there, we will design a version that is unique to you.  How would you feel if you saw someone copy  a tattoo that you wore and had drawn custom for you?  Pretty pissed probably.  Keep in mind too, that if you saw a design on the internet, a lot of other people have probably seen it too.
If you are stumped though on what to get, but know that you have an itch for a new tattoo, we do have a book of one-offs that the artists have drawn and would love to tattoo.  Each one-off is tattooed only once and then the design is “retired”, hence where we get the term one-off.

Can I see the design beforehand?

Most of the time your design is prepared the night before your appointment, that way it is fresh in our minds.  We always add an extra half an hour or so to appointment times that way if we do need to make any last minute changes we can.  We do not send out photos of the design beforehand except on very rare occasions.


What if I can’t make my appointment?

We understand that shit comes up and life has a tendency of putting things like getting tattooed on the back burner at times.  All we ask for is at the very least  a 24hr. notice that you’ll need to change your appointment.  That way we are able to fill the spot with another client and not lose out on making money for the day.  People who no-show or no-call will not be taken seriously as a client anymore, since they clearly haven’t taken our time seriously.


How much is this going to cost?

The shop minimum is $60 and goes up from there depending on the size, difficulty, placement and time it takes to complete the tattoo. For larger pieces that will require multiple sessions we have an hourly rate of $100.  It’s sometimes not easy to give you an exact price during your consultation, but we will guarantee you will get what you pay for and then some .  Also, please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is a budget you had set for yourself, we will do our absolute best to work with you on that as long its in reason.  In other words if you are looking for a “sleeve” don’t give us a $100 budget, cause that’s a pretty ridiculous expectation.   At the end of the day theres an old saying in this industry that goes “Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good”, so please keep that in mind.  You should be looking at this as an investment in your appearance that will be around waaaaay longer then the pair of shoes or handbag you spent a ton of money on.


Are your needles clean?

Blood Eagle Tattoo is a fully 100% disposables only shop.  All of our needles come pre-packaged and gas sterilized.  You watch us open it and then watch us dispose of it in a biohazard bin.  We also only use medical grade plastic disposable tubes as well, that way there is absolutely NO chance of any cross contamination between clients.  It’s important as a client to make sure that any tattoo shop (not just ours) you go into explains their sterilization procedures to you.  Watch to make sure they are wrapping all of their equipment up, placing barrier film on any and all surfaces they are going to be touching during the tattoo, and that they changing their gloves anytime they need to refill ink caps or answer a phone or whatever the case is.  Your safety is one of our highest priorities here at the shop and the absolute last thing we would ever want to do is endanger any of our clients by being lazy when it comes to proper precautions.


How should I prepare for the tattoo?

Eat a nice meal and come with a full belly.  While it’s not common for someone to pass out, it would be a real waste if you starved yourself and got too sick to sit though the appointment.  You can bring headphones if you’d like, or we can make small talk , but be aware, you may be forced to listen to our crazy stories.  Come in wearing comfy clothes that allow us to easily access the area you are about to get tattooed in. So if you are getting your thigh tattooed, maybe don’t wear skin tight jeans, instead wear some oversized sweatpants. Also bring in some water/Gatorade and some snacks as well to much on while getting tattooed, your body will thank you for it.


Will this hurt? What does a tattoo feel like?

Yes tattoos hurt, and some spots hurt more than others.  People have different pain tolerance levels and an area that hurts one person may be less sensitive on another.  Nothing else really feels like a tattoo.  A tattoo feels like a tattoo.  If the pain is really making you worried, then maybe holding off on getting it might not be such a bad idea until you are ready.  At the end of the day, if you want it bad enough, a little bit of discomfort is worth it for something that will last you a lifetime.  And remember, fucking Hannah Montana has tattoos, is she really tougher than you?


Can I bring people with me?

Sure! Each client is allowed to have 1 person come back with them while they are getting tattooed, any other friends or family will have to hang out in the waiting area or take in the fun on S. Craig St.  Please warn said friend(s) that we don’t really want their opinion on YOUR tattoo and anyone that acts like a know-it-all will be asked to leave. This tattoo you are getting is for you and your enjoyment alone.  If you need the opinion of all of your friends on “what’s my favorite color” or “do you guys think I should get it here or there” then you should probably wait til you have your mind made up a little bit more before committing to this lifelong decision.


What about my kids, can they come?

We don’t mind if you bring your kid(s) as long as there is someone with them to keep an eye on them.  This is a tattoo shop remember not a day care, so kids that act up and cause a fuss will get thrown in the dungeon. So if your kid(s) are well behaved and don’t get bored very easily then most definitely you can bring them along for the experience.


How long will it take?

As long as it needs to.  We can give you a round about idea of how long a session may last, but can’t give an exact time.  So if you are trying to get a huge piece done on your lunch break, you probably should wait til you have a bit more room in your schedule.  We do not like to be rushed through your tattoo cause we take it very seriously and do our absolute best with each and every piece.  Please do not expect a back piece in 6 hrs, cause that’s just not gonna happen.


How long does a tattoo last?

Forever.  Tattoos are permanent.   You can help keep your tattoo looking good by avoiding tanning beds and using sunscreen when exposed to natural sunlight.  Some natural fading may still occur over time, but you can always get your tattoo touched up.

Where should I park?

Unfortunately we do not have our own designated parking spots.  Oakland has on street parking, so make sure that you leave a little early just in case you end up having to drive around to find parking.  You can also park in the Carnegie Museum’s lot.  There are also lots of buses that run through Oakland, so that’s always an option as well.


Are you guys looking for an apprentice?

Nope.  Not trying to be a dick, we’re sure that you’re a great artist and all, but at this time we don’t have the desire to take on any apprentices.  If you are truly interested in pursuing a career in this industry then keep your nose to the grindstone and make art, lots of art, in all kinds of different styles.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do, however there is a $20 service charge to run them.  Cash is definitely  preferred!   

I know your friend, can I get a discount?

No.  Don’t ask us to hook you up.  We’ll give you a fair price for some awesome work.  Please keep in mind that asking this question will not get you on ANY artist’s good side, in fact quite the opposite.  This is how we make our living and how we support our family, so please don’t ask, it’s very insulting.


Do you do piercing?

Nope.  Just tattooing here.  Piercing goes a bit too deep for our liking.  There are some great piercing studios though in the area.


Do you tattoo Dicks?

Sure we’ll occasionally tattoo a dick or an asshole, hell even some pussies, but literally speaking, NO.


Will my mom be mad at me?

Probably, at first. While tattoos are becoming more mainstream, some people and employers frown upon them.  It’s important for you to get a tattoo that you can see yourself wearing for the rest of your life.  And if you’re worried about whether it’s visibility is always appropriate, then consider placing it in a spot that you can easily cover.  If you tattoo “MOM SUX” on your forehead, it probably won’t just be your mother that wants to smack you.


Do you do tattoo parties?

Nope.  While we are sure your kitchen/living room/garage/whatever is super nice and all, we have a shop for a reason, to provide you a safe and clean environment to get tattooed in.  Keep in mind that while there are some seedy individuals that will do tattoo parties, it’s really not a smart thing to attend.  70% of the tattoos that we cover here at Blood Eagle Tattoo, were done at a tattoo party, so be smart kids.


How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

In the State of Pennsylvania you must be at least 18 yrs of age to get tattooed by yourself or if you are 16-17 you must have a parent/guardian come with you and sign for you.  Please make sure you bring your state issued I.D.  and if you are 16-17 you must bring in I.D. as well as your parent/guardian.  If there are different last names then you must bring in the birth certificate as well.  There are absolutely NO exceptions for this whatsoever.

Should I tip?

While tips are ALWAYS appreciated, they are never expected.  If you feel that we have more than exceeded your expectations and would like to tip us, then we will gladly accept it.  Keep in mind that tips don’t necessarily have to be monetary, we’ve been tipped in food, reference books, artwork, and so on.  Like we said, all tips are always greatly appreciated.


What about aftercare?

Please refer to the aftercare page on the website.  These are given to you for a reason, to follow.  If you don’t follow the right way to heal your tattoo, then don’t be surprised if your tattoo heals poorly.

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