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  So after you leave Blood Eagle Tattoo, it's now YOUR responsibility to take care of your new tattoo.  The most important thing to remember when it comes to healing your tattoo is to keep it clean. Wash it gently 2-3 times daily with a mild, non-scented soap and warm water. Make sure to use your hand and avoid using rags, sponges, or loofas because you’ll cause abrasion.  After washing your tattoo, lightly pat it dry with a clean towel. During the first couple of days you’ll notice your new tattoo will have a little bit of a “soggy” feeling to it after its done being washed, so make sure to give your tattoo a couple of minutes to air dry before you apply any ointment. As for ointments, we recommend  using the Vitalitree aftercare products we sell at the shop.  However, if you typically use Aquaphor or A & D Ointment during your aftercare, that is totally fine. The main thing with whatever ointment/salve you decide to use is to remember to only use a VERY THIN amount  of ointment while healing your tattoo. Using too much will  clog your pores and prevent air from reaching your tattoo, potentially resulting in damage to your tattoo. You will do this between 2-3 times a day for the first 5 days. Around the end of that time you may begin to notice a little bit a flaking over the tattoo, this is to be expected and is not anything to worry about.  You want to make sure to avoid any picking or scratching during this time cause you WILL mess up the tattoo. You may begin applying a thin, non-scented lotion to the tattoo and expect the itchiness to last for another 2-3 days.  After the flaking is done a few more days of lotion and your new tattoo should be all healed down. Now please keep in mind that everyone heals at their own pace, so some may heal quicker than others. It is also important to remember to stay out of chlorinated water for 2-3 weeks after getting tattooed, as well as no soaking in a bathtub. Also make sure to wear loose fitting clothes over the new tattoo for the first several days, as well.  Sometimes rubbing against tighter fabrics will have a tendency to irritate a new tattoo. Please remember that if you want your new tattoo to keep looking good the older it gets, use a sunscreen with a 50spf or higher and to keep your skin well moisturized.  If you have any questions please feel free to call the shop and ask away. Happy healing!

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