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Monthly Fundraisers

 We here at Blood Eagle Tattoo strongly believe that being an active member of your community is the only way to make any positive changes in the world around you. It's important for us to make sure that we give back to the community that supports what we do.  In November of 2016, we decided that we would hold our first Benefit for All fundraiser.  We chose 6 different charities/non-profits and tattooed every Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with 100% of the money earned over those 5 Sundays donated.  It felt so awesome to give back and we had such an amazing response to it, that we decided to not just limit the fundraisers to only the holiday season, but to extend it throughout the year. So now each month we choose a different local charity, non-profit, or community organization, promote and raise awareness throughout the month, and then on the LAST SUNDAY of that month we hold our fundraiser.  $40 tattoos from our ever expanding  flash pages, first come, first served between noon and 8pm.  Each month gets busier and busier and we look forward to seeing just how much we are able to give back thanks to the help of our amazing clients, both old and new.  In the last 3 years of fundraising we were able to donate $60,541 collectively!! We look forward to seeing that number continue to grow as the years go on. If you've missed the opportunity to make it out to show your support, below are the links to our previous benefactors, so head on over to their page a make the donation directly.  All of these organizations do so much to strengthen and enrich our  communities, so it only makes sense to give em a little support!

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